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    Is doing a soft reset a few times throughout the day a bad thing?

    Also was wondering what actually happens to all the non .cab crap that is downloaded to the 800w? For instance... when you view videos from say, vTap. Is there anything like ("cCleaner" freeware PC) that I can use on this?

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    In my experience, resets slow down my 800w.
    I am using memmaid and pmclean to fix any problems.
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    As much as I love to pan WM, it shouldn't be so bad that you have to reset several times a day (I usually do it once a week for good measure). You may have some 3rd party software that isn't quite ready for the 800w, or a conflict.

    I was under the impression that WM6 handles the notification queue much more effectively than WM5; in fact, that that was one of the "behind the scenes" improvements in WM6. I've never used MemMaid, etc. on WM6 because I thought events didn't build up the way they used to in WM5. I do recall having something like 750 events stacked up in WM5 after a few months of using my stock XV6700.

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