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    I just got a Jawbone and it sounds great.Paired immediately.
    That was the first time.
    So can someone tell me how I pair manually?
    I leave bluetooth on in the 800w.
    Hold both buttons on the Jawbone till the red and white flashes.
    But it never pairs .Unless I turn off the bluetooth on the 800w and turn it back on and then it will be paired.
    Is this normal?
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    Ok I figured it out.Ijust turn the Jawbone on without going through the pairing process again.
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    Yeah, once you actually pair something, you shouldn't have to pair it again. Pairing is like introducing the devices to each other. That first time, they take a little while to get to know each other, but after that, they can hang out with each other immediately, once they are near each other.

    Hope that analogy wasn't too confusing.
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