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    I've been debating for a couple of months to install this but tonight I decided to only because I was playing around with Throttlelauncher. All I have to say is I should have done this a long time ago!!!
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    So far so good. Google is your friend. Now all I have to find is Thank you ebag333.
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    Check your email m8. Sent ya what you needed.
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    I'm finally thinking about trying this out but wanted to verify one item. An earlier post indicated that you could not restore a back up file after the hard reset for real vga. Just to make sure I understand... if I have a restore file from sprite backup stored on my sd card, I will not be able to restore after the hard reset? If I've read wrong, my apologies--Go easy on me, my eyes are heavy.

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    What Ebags tweak does is it makes a bunch of edits to your registry. You can do a restore using sprite backup you just can't restore the registry. You'll just over write all of the registry changes made by installing RealVGA. What I did was hardreset my 800, installed RealVGA then installed the app I use for doing registry edits. Did all of my edits. Did a soft reset to set them. Then made a back up of that. Next I restored everything but the registry with sprite. When you go to restore just choose the backup file you want to restore, hit next, find the system data and expaned it, there just uncheck system settings. Now do your restore. After I made sure everything was setup and stable I did a fresh backup so I had a good backup file with RealVGA installed. Hope that helps.
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    Philly did you mean to HRST, then back here, get the REAL VGA, then do the many steps to get PHM?
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    Check your email m8. You should already have all you need stored to your card. Gonna be AFK for abit today/tonight it's so nice out Miss Philly & I are taking our motorcycles to atlantic city for the night. Just check your email m8. Sent ya a reply with some advice.
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    Thanks Philly, Hey put your winnings in one pocket & your spending in the other. Keep the shiney side up!
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    Before I read any further I figure I'd add that I put each of ebagg's VGA files into my card so I would be ready, then I HRST & then immediately dl each if the VGA files in order as ebagg said then I went into my programs to RealVGA & made my choice betwwen the 96 or the 128. It works perfectly. But the 96 is rather small & true the 128 is larger but the visibilty is excellent, much improved & a keeper. Thanks ebagg for your work & for not answering me, it really did help me to understand & learn.
    This writing is for those of us who do not have the education to do or know what you Guru's do. I hope this helps somebody. Thanks
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    So far so good with real vga. I do have two questions/issues.

    1) When I hit the send key on the today screen, it used to pull up my recent calls, it no longer does that. Is there any way to fix this?

    2) Scrolling (when using the stylus) appears to either lock up or not scroll as fast as before. Is there any way to fix this?

    Has anyone else experienced these issues? Any info is appreciated.

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    sorry but are you using an 800 & you dl ebag's files in order & you reset right? this may sound strange but sometimes it takes a little while before these phones accept the new programs, the Guru's will think I'm strange but it's like teaching the phones to be smarter. It'll come around just stick w/it. ( I wear a stylus around my neck so it's always handy!)
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    If you just installed VGA you had to hardrest right. What backup app did you use to restore with. If you use sprite, I don't think it backs up your call log. I looked around to see what it backs up when you use it and didn't see anything like call logs listed. I've done numerous backups and restores in the past couple of weeks. And used sprite each time with all of the boxes checked except the one for storage card. And it doesn't restore My call log or sms.
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    Hey Philly, I let you know that the easiest way for me to back-up was to take all my important apps & put them all together in a file all their own on an sd card. This way when I HRST I imediately transfer the files one by one from the card to the phone & load them individually then I do my silly stuff like uiTweaker, avatar, email, & even if it takes a little while, I'm like you organized, so step by step it's all there. You get it? That's why (like you taught me) I post it as close to the simplest way so 'we' 'NON-GURU'S' can understand it, so hopefully 'we' too, may one day too be impersonated as GURU'S w/all due respect to the GURU'S.
    Let Me Know How You Make Out.
    I hope this makes sence.

    Been So Busy, my fingers Hurt (LOL).
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    Hopefully this what I post makes sence to y'all & BC I'm Still (always) learning from the Greats, getting no thanks you's, IS, a thank you, BC maybe what I say IS understood & used, so hopefully, there are no questions askes. Get it? Cool.

    ( I love this & TreoCentral seems to be my home!)
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    I luv this program, do's anyone know if this will work on a htc diamond....
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    Just stopping by to say thanks Ebag! Great work...
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    I have perused this thread honestly about 4 times before I installed, so don't flame me too much ) I just installed, but my battery icon is messed up. Is this still a noted issue? I know it was before, I just thought it got resolved. I have the Pro. Thanks a million and sowwy if rehashing, but I did read the thread and saw that it was an issue, but the first (read installation instructions) didn't say anything about the battery icon being squished. Cheers!
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    I use vistahide (attached)

    unzip and copy the exe to 'startup'

    Maybe ebag was only able to fix the icon for the 800.
    My battery is still icon is still crunched.

    So I use vistahide.
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    Maybe I'm missing it but I'd like to see a new post with the cleanest, easiest method for installing this. I isued the cabs in the first post and then realized there were updates throughout the thread. Can we get one updated and clear post with all the latest information? I've read through the posts but I know I'm missing something.
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    To clarify.

    I cannot get my phone to work on my Treo Pro after installatin. The green button doesn't work and neither does the number pad.

    Is there a specific install method for the Treo Pro?

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