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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebag333 View Post
    The only thing I can think of is one of the registry settings isn't getting changed back. You could check the Mortscript and see if anything catches your eye....
    BTW, I created a modified version of the RealVGA switcher that fixes all the activecaller/scrollbar issues for me if you want it. It also hides the non-compatible plugins (i.e. hides the 128DPI plugins in 96DPI mode and vice versa), and seems to fix the plugin reordering that sometimes occurs when switching resolutions.

    But of course this is based on the old DPI.mscr, I'd have to make the changes to your new switcher, I'm still running the old version.
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    If you want to post it or send it to me feel free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebag333 View Post
    If you want to post it or send it to me feel free.
    I'll send it to you. You may spot some issues with the changes I made, although I haven't seen any side-effects or problems with the changes.

    Like I said, I need to try the new installer and this is a football weekend, so I probably won't get around to it until tonight.
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    Thanks Zbop.
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    Ebag333, what are the benefits & downside of VGA & is their any affects or slow downs, improvements? This is the only hack I haven't added yet & ready to mess with my 800w again...
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    No slow downs (it's displaying 320x320 either way).

    It's what it sounds like, it gives you about 24% more real estate.

    Only possible downside is that buttons are smaller (harder to hit) and text may be harder to read. I lost my stylus months ago, and have had zero problems using my fingers to hit the buttons.
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    Hey, I love realVGA! Thanks, ebag. Did you ever manage to fix the problem that happens with disabling the touch screen on a call? If its still a known problem, maybe it should be mentioned on the first post so people like me know what's causing it. I will try the latest version and see if the problem is gone.. Thanks again!
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    Not sure. Let me know if it works for ya.
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    Late to the party, but wanted to say thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebag333 View Post
    Not sure. Let me know if it works for ya.
    Nope, problem is still there Ahh well..
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    Kudos to Ebag333 for this and a funny story. I recently started anew from a hard reset, and when my 800w started up for the first time before I installed RealVGA it looked ridiculous! Like those big clown icons you used to see 15 or so years ago when people started getting 17" CRT monitors and running them at 640x480 because they didn't know any better.

    I'm just worried that I'm forever stuck with whatever phones are compatible with RealVGA.

    I'm able to lock my screen manually during a call by pressing option+red button. I don't use the auto-lock feature, though.
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    Ebag, I'm having a hard time digesting your instructions as there are multiple versions of (I think I counted 4 different references to it. The only one I could find on your 1st post is "Ebag which is 600+kb in size.) Or in your post 32 Real_VGA_800w.1.1.CAB which is 3.6ish Mb, is this the latest version or is there a 2.0 version which I think others have refered to as well which I couldn't find. I could not find a file call DPI.mscr on your 1st post for the life of me. Can someone please tell me where I can download it.

    I might also mention that I have a TREO PRO. which version should I be using which is most compatible with the TP and what sequence of install should I be using (is the 1st post instructions valid anymore?)

    Also, is your version the same as the version on XDA-developer?.

    Sorry, I may have come late in the game, but I think reading from 1st to last post has surely made all this too perplexing.
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    Follow the download and install instructions in post one.

    There are 3 cabs that need to be downloaded and installed. All three are found (or linked to) in the first post.

    Currently the three things you need are:
    Ebag RealVGA 96DPI Resource

    The resource pack is too large for WMExperts, so I have provided 3 locations to download it from.

    Again, if there's any confusion go back to the first post. Some things have changed since this thread started, and posts after #1 may direct you incorrectly (today, they would have been correct back when they were written ).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebag333 View Post

    Currently the three things you need are:
    Ebag RealVGA 96DPI Resource
    ok cool. so I don't need mortscript?
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    You need mortscript. I was only referring to what I've specifically created/built.

    Like I said, follow the instructions in the first post.
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    Worked like a CHARM... eBag you are a legend.
    So far no issues. the only thing is the pTravelAlarm background redraw is funny which is something I can live with.
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    Is there a date stamp on the files on the first post... so if any files get updated, we can know when the last update date was?
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    The first post will always have the latest files in it, and I will always post inline with an update.

    You can also look at the edited timestamp on the first post, that'll tell you when I changed it last.
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    Just installed this. Is there any way to fix the dialpad while in 96 dpi mode?
    I saw there is some dialpad config stuff. How does that work?
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    Just run the MortScript and choose which options you want for the dialpad. It's pretty "***** proof" and you can't really break anything.

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