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    ...and I feel a sense of relief. After almost a month of playing around with it and numerous quirks I couldn't take it anymore.

    This morning my alarm failed to go off. Ok, no biggie it was posted somewhere that the alarm can be somewhat unreliable. However when I looked over at the device it was in a rebooting cycle that kept repeating. The today screen would turn into a bunch of vertical crooked lines and then reboot and repeat. 2 days left in the 30 day period and I am just not willing to roll the dice that on day 35 smoke won't be streaming out of the screen or something else that shouldn't be happening. I have never had full confidence in this Treo since day 1.

    So what did I learn during this period. I love the feel of the device. The form factor was awesome for me personally. I actually like the weight and thickness.

    The battery issues can be worked with and brought to a semi acceptable level with some adjustments.

    And finally, Sprint store customer service reps are still as useless as I remember in the past. You guys that have been able to switch these devices out numerous times are lucky. All I got was hassle from the clowns working at this store.

    Always always order a return kit at the first sign of trouble just in case. Yes, that's right the reps at the store gave me a hard time about returning this faulty device. But I had luckily reached out to the online side already...

    I really enjoyed learning tweaks from the people on this board. There are some very sharp cats in this joint... Peace out.
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    I guess you are out of here already.
    What I dont understand is why didnt you just exchange your obviously defective phone for a new 800w?
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    I, too, returned my 800 today, but instead of just giving up on it, I got a replacement and I have to say the replacement is better in almost every way than the one I returned. Not sure if the first was a lemon, but I had numerous problems right from the start and even hard resets didn't correct them. I haven't had this one long enough to be certain, but it's off to a good start. The Sprint store was very helpful and there was no problem returning it for another.

    If you're having problems with your 800, I'd recommend returning it for another before it's so close to the 30 days that you don't have time to test another one.
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    I can second that. AS long as you have time left on your 30 days and you want to give the 800W a chance exchange it. I exchanged my first one after a weelk , it was problamatic and the new one runs with no issues and after setting it up with the tweaks here I get 2 days on a charge (under nornal usage) so I am thrilled. but ofcourse if ya did not just like the phone then ofcourse its best to return and get something you like. You did not tell us what you have now instead of the 800W. Just curious if you went back to another treo, A mogul or got a different phone such as a BB.

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