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    I tried to do some searching around the boards for an answer and did find someone with the same problem, but still no solution. I have a 700wx with Verizon and, from time to time, sending a text message to someone will also send them half a dozen or so clips from my past emails. I have no clue what causes it and no way to know it has happened except when I get a response from the recipient along the lines of, "WTF was that?"

    The most recent glitch was sending emails from months ago. Emails that aren't even on my phone anymore. I do use Outlook for email management had use Verizon's Wireless Sync platform.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. So far its just been annoying, but I can't wait til it sends private emails to unintended parties.
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    Haha that is extremely strange and unfortunately i have never came across this mishap. Any ideas?
    I use a GoodLink Server with The Message Center hosted GoodLink service
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    Hard reset.

    (Yes, that's my answer to everything. )

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