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    Has anybody got Airave running with or without the call plan yet?

    If so, how would you rate it?

    I have horrible reception at my office and would love to get this, if it works
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    I got one last week for my house, where reception is awful (had to go to the second floor to have a chance of making a call). So far it seems to work exactly as advertised. Painless setup (though I had intermittant red "system" lights for the first ~18hrs), and I now have signal throughout the house. It barely penetrates beyond the house though (it's essentially gone by the time you get to our front sidewalk). I suppose that's good if you're worrying about people using some of your broadband through the Airave.

    Note that this can help your battery situation too. My old 650 would drain to zero whenever I went in to the basement to watch tv. No more. My 800w arrives tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes.

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