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    If anyone is running SK, can you check for me and see if you are missing any files under the registry? Basically you just hit the clean button, it does its thing, and then tells you what can be clean. I ran it, and when it shows the registry stuff, I get a handful of items I have no idea about.

    Here is what it says i'm missing...

    First one says adoce30.dll
    2. (same as above)
    3. (same as above)
    4. MSSLCore20.dll
    5. adoceoledb30.dll
    6. dshow_amrsnk.dll
    7. MSSLQuery20.dll
    8. pvbform2.dll
    9. msmsgs.dll
    10. GenericFileSink.dll
    11. TIMUX.dll
    12. pvbform2.dll
    13. msdaer.dll
    14. msdadc.dll
    15. stsmtp.dll
    16. MSSLQuery.dll

    Seems like too many files missing, and in fact, when I hit the up on the 5 way key just now in SKTools I got a Shell32.exe error

    Tells me Event Type: WinCE501bExceptio
    AppName: Shell32.exe
    ModName: Shell32.exe
    OwnName: services.exe

    Anyway, I just thought i'd see for those who have SK installed, if they had as many entries as I have. If you have it, let me and all of us know.

    I should probably do a hard reset, but I dont have outlook, and I dont know of any other way to save all of my contacts.
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    Just installed Lite version, getting similar list of missing programs. Anyone else?
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    This is all too hard to diagnose--we don't know your device nor your apps installed/uninstalled.

    The reason you get those files flagged is because you probably had a program installed and then removed it and those are the remnants.

    Your best bet is to use that awesome freebie app built in to your ROM: Sprite Backup and...well, do a backup! (Quickstang: you can also just backup your contacts using that app).

    Then run SKTools again and do the delete and see what happens (my bet? nothing bad). If it totally fubars your phone, well hardreset and do a restore. That's the whole point of Palm putting that app on there ;-)

    FWIW, I've used SKTools for years including the 800w and always delete everything it says to delete.

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