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    I might be mistaken, but I had the 700wx for a short period of time and I remember being able to set up a small recording to play when a contact would call me. Setting up a video file instead of a picture to play when you are being called... I forgot how to, and am wondering is there a way to do it on the 800w.
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    Hmm I've never seen that on my 700 (or any phone for that matter). This would have to be some sort of custom software but I'm not sure what.

    Though it seems kind of silly to me. Do you really want a video to play everytime someone calls you?
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    not a big deal just pissin me off I couldnt remember lol
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    You could do it on the Palm os Treos (and Centro) if you used Lightwav with Live. But it's not something a lot of people have ever used.

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