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    I just install the Pocket e-sword bible software on the main memory.

    OK, the graphic is squashed, so nothing new here.

    I put the bible on my micro-SD and when it boot up, I tell it to go my memory card.

    But it will not do it.

    Did any of you have this problem?
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    havent tried yet but usually takes esword quite a while to catch up with each new windows mobile version. The developer works on donations and seems far more concerned with keeping the desktop version updated and bug free.

    you may want to email him and see what the eta is.
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    Laridian Bible didnt work. I click on it and it would not start.

    I could not install Olivetree bible. It say Vista not supported.

    So no luck on any bibles for the 800w.

    I have email the author for e-sword and await his response.
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    No problems here other than some slight graphical issues. I have it all loaded in the internal memory though since there's plenty of it.
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    i will try to install esword and quickverse over the next couple of days.
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    I have install eSword prg to main memory and run the bible from the MicroSD and no luck.

    I have install eSword prg to MicroSD and bible in MicroSD and no luck.

    Each time I correct it to the right path and it say the file are not there.

    I have email the author. Still no email from him yet.
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    Laridian works great for me. program in main memory and Bibles on card. No problem
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    Laridian works great (I have the smartphone version).
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    I have OliveTree working fine - a few differences from POS. However, never could get esword stable - half the time could not find the bible files on card. Funny, I emailed many times and hoped author would get POS version (I've had Treos all the way from the 300) - now that I have the WM version, it's glitchy...glad OliveTree is staying relatively up to date.
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    I have had all sorts of problems with it so I just use opera and go to
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    olive tree works fine for me as well. there's a post in their support forum about installing it on the 800w.

    I can't post links, but their support forum has a post about installing it for the 800w... odd, the treo 800w post i'm thinking of doesn't have the instructions... will update with info if I find it again.

    if you search on the message board for "treo", it's a post in the smartphone (windows mobile) forum
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    Pocket E-Sword works on the Treo 800w. It's the best value (free) and in my opinion superior in functionality to other products in its field. Even translations and commentaries that cost a fee for Pocket E-Sword are cheaper than for other similar products. Because Pocket E-Sword's creator appears to ONLY be charging for the licensing fee demanded by the copyright holder. I think Pocket E-Sword's model of trying to give as much away as possible for free and only taking donations from those willing to offer money, is a bit more in line with the words written in those Bibles .

    chong67, I think you need to update everyone on how Pocket E-Sword is working for you now .
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShaffeyBoy View Post
    I have had all sorts of problems with it so I just use opera and go to
    Been using this for over a year. I don't like a bunch of apps on my device (Memmaid, SKTools and Kinoma). I find the more crap on it the more chances of something happening.
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    Pocket E-Sword is fine working for me now.

    After you install it, do a reboot and point to the bible on your SD card.

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