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    I was using a 128mb SD card (showed up in File Explorer as Storage Device) just fine, put a 4gb one afterwards, it didn't see it and I figured it wasn't compatible, so I put the 128mb SD card back, my Treo 700wx makes sounds, but I can't find the device.

    What do I do? Can I reset this thing? I got it used from work with no manual.
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    Did u try to soft reset? In case u dont know how, take off the battery cover, and u will see a tiny button labeled "reset".. You will have to use ur stylus to press it.
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    A few helpful hints. Get a 3rd party battery cover with a hole over the reset button. This way you don't have to remove the cover. I believe I got mine through WMexperts store. Next, WM5 devices (i.e. Treo 700WX) have an issue with cards that are 4GB or more. There is a patch available. Let me know and I'll send it.
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    wm5 i hear doesn't have drivers to micro sdhc cards if that what your using. i have recently upgraded to wm6. the rom i installed didn't have the drivers either. after some timely searching i finally found a cab driver to install. so i can now use my 4 gig microsdhc card on my 700wx running wm6.
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    My Treo 750 came with WM 6 and it has support for microSD (via mini adapter) for SDHC out of the box. In canada however, the highest capacity I can get is 4GB.

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