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    Anyone get the feeling that Palm is orchestrating these "leaks?" I mean we are just past the iPhone hype, the 800w comes out very silently, news of the Chines production order for 2009 delivery, now we suddenly start seeing leaks of the prototypes.

    This has to be attributed underground marketing of some sort. They are starting to prime the pump of desire, but the only problem, is that this device is still a bit of a disappointment(Centro keyboard?!). I was holding out for the next Palm, but I just got my wife the Centro, and I may just go for the iPhone 3g, or I may wait, just not sure.

    On the other hand, this still looks like a prototype, the case looks spraypainted black, and maybe (hopefully) the keyboard is just a placeholder (recycled Centro part) for the future finished design...
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    Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me. This is the best buzz a Palm device has had in a long time.
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    Its defnitely causing a stir for me as I'm in the market for a new phone. I was about to pull the trigger on the HP Ipaq 910 but after hearing about the 850 / Pro, I'm holding off on pulling any trigger until I hear more about the 850.
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    If it is a ploy by palm, it's working.
    I had tried to convince myself if I didn't win the giveaway, I would wait atleast 6mos before buying it.
    Since scotty's threads, I can't wait!
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    They are; leaks enable invstors to get information under the guise of it not being on purpose. And in the case of mobile tech, you get people thinking before a major purchasing seasons when leaks happen.
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