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    I will send someone $15 via paypal for solving this. Not much but hopefully enough to convince you to help me.

    This is a little in depth but please help if you can. This is very important to me and I really would appreciate any effort provided.

    I use for my web hosting company and for email. They are a great web host and I am not interested in switching (bad experiences elsewhere!) but I have an email issue.

    It is a POP account. Their mail servers are for incoming and outgoing. Only extra feature they use is that smtp is enabled on outgoing mail using the same l/p.

    I use the accounts fine on my PCs and I was able to access my email on my 700wx. Even other phones work perfectly. I have determined that any WM6 device (including my treo!) cannot access their mail servers due to a "invalid certificate" because WM6 has some type of extra certificate roots. I do not use SSL.

    I have contacted their Secure Link's tech support and was told this:

    "Unfortunately we can not install any certificates on our servers.
    Also we can not provide you with such certificate. In most cases this certificate can be found in help pages for such devices. This certificates is only for the PDA and they can be provided from the manufacturer or from PDA help community."

    Reading around the web... I have found that email servers that don't use "popular" certifications receive this error. It is sometimes solved by obtaining the cert file and installing it but the support has told me that this is not possible for them to provide.

    Is there another solution? Perhaps disabling whatever WM6 has enabled in comparison to WM5?

    If no solution can be found, I will be forced to use a different email client. If this comes down to it... Anything you recommend?
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    No need to offer payment for help. Forums are basically FREE social support. If you want to pay, call tech support.

    As far as your issue, do you have any choices regarding the certificate? I remembered seeing a similar type of message on my 700wx before. I think I just ignored it and I was still able to send/receive mail.
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    Never had any issues with 700w - no errors. After the cert error on WM6 the connection times out as if the email server was never there.
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    hmm, dunno if this will help.

    It's suppose to get the certs from the server, but when I tried it against the server rejected the connection. Maybe you will have better luck.
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    Is there anyway they can send you a cert?
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    Do you have to use the cert? I have a an exchange server at my wife's office that I manage, their company pays for. They did not want to purchase any certs so I had to lock down the server in other ways. On my Treo when setting up my email I just uncheck the box that says server requires SSL.

    If that doesn't work, you may try this. I am not sure how well this will work though, as I have never tried it on Windows Mobile (I have dones this from webserver to PC though):

    On your PC that you are able to access the email from do this:

    Click Start \ Run
    Type in MMC

    You will now have blank management console.

    Click File

    Select Add\Remove Snap In

    (This is where the biggest difference between Vista and XP is on MMC, and I am currently running Vista, I can't remember what it looks like in XP.)

    But search through the list of Snap In's until you find one called Certificates. It should be close to the top as they are usually alphabetical.

    When you select it, or when you select it and click add it will have a pop up that asks "This snap in will manage certificates for:" ALWAYS choose Computer Account.

    Click Next, leave My Computer Selected and click finish. Click finish\OK again.

    You should now be looking at a list on the left, something like Personal, Trusted Root Certificates, Enterprise Trust, etc...

    Expand Trusted Root Certificates, and then Certificates. (on second thought, slwebsolutions cert might be under Third-Party Root Certificates, you may check both.)

    Look through here for the one mail.slwebsolutions uses, it should be labeled with their name (should be... and there may be more then one.)

    Highlight the appropriate Certificate. Right Click on it (or highlight it and click on Actions on the menu) then choose "All Tasks" and then export.

    Go through the wizard for exporting the certificate, when exported root certificates have to be DER, Base-64, or PKCS #7, in Vista the wizard limits you to these choices for a root cert, I don't remember if XP did or not. It should prompt you for a password, do not forget it, or you will be re-exporting the cert.

    Once exported remember where you saved it to, and remember the password.

    You may want to look through the other cert folders and see if slwebsolutions has any other certs on your PC. Normally to connect to a mail server requires a root cert, to send encrypted emails (like PGP) requires a personal cert, so the root is all you probably need.

    Copy the cert files over to your Treo. WM6 will allow certificate importing natively in file explorer, or so I have read... if you double click the cert on your Treo in file explorer it should prompt you through the steps to import it.

    You should be prompted to enter the password for the cert that you used when you made the certificate, just don't forget the password.

    I support IIS servers at work, we use a small SQL DB to keep track of all the exported certs and passwords. Certs can be tons of fun...

    Hope this helps... As long as you don't delete any certs in the MMC, and you only open the Certs snap in, you really can not do much harm. MMC is just kinda like expanding the Administrators Tools folder on your PC. On your mobile, if you import the cert and does not work, not much harm done their either, you just have an extra 20k or so that works for nothing. Outside of third party software I am not sure how to remove any certs from WM though. WM6 included cert import, but not a cert explorer.

    If you can get slwebsolutions to send you the cert they go through about the same process on their mail server, unless they are *nix based, then it is slightly different. If they send it to you though you know you are getting the right one.
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    For more cert fun on Windows Mobile take a look at:

    Again, I have not done this on Windows Mobile (I have done it tons on XP, Vista, linux, and every flavor of Windoes Server...)

    The site seems to have a lot of good info... (just a quick read)
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    Are you trying to send SMTP from the 800w from that account? Sprint will not let you do that! When sending from the Sprint phone you MUST use their SMTP server.

    Just like if I want to send from my Sprint account on my home computer with Optonline. I can receive Sprint but need to send via my SMTP from Optonline.
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    scote, the settings work 100 percent on non mobile 6 devices. That is not the issue.

    Fizban, this maybe a possible solution. I will try this. If it works you maybe in for a payday!
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    As crazie.eddie said this is a free forum, I don't expect any form of payment. plenty of people on here have helped me out before. If you really want to send someone payment send it towards Hannip or Malatesta for all the work they do for us, or to StoryR for his Phatfinger for WeatherPanel (although I modded the heck out of his I wouldn't have it without his groundwork.)

    I was merely giving you a suggestion, these guys spend a lot of time coding and testing things, they deserve it more...

    Maybe we should start some kind of Treo Mods Foundation, you feel like giving some money then dump some through paypal into the foundation. Then when someone like Hannip pulls off another A2DP for the Treo 700wx or finishes his POutlook SMS conversion for the 800w they get a gift from the foundation...
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    b3tt3r, Just donate the money to WMExperts/TreoCentral.
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    You can always set up a gmail account and set it to automatically poll your main account. Gmail is pretty good and it will have most of your emails within 10 minutes of receipt. Continue to use your smtp server normally and no one will ever know the difference.

    Not the ultimate answer but a decent work around.
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    does anyone know exactly what I can ask for when contacting my web host? perhaps they think I am asking for the wrong thing.
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    First off, I don't know what's going on. My host doesn't use SSL so why is this even happening with WM6??

    I was able to create a .xml file using but I was only able to do it using the domain and not using

    Please help. I think we are so close!

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