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    Hopefully someone can help. Otherwise I may just have to exchange my 800w. Sorry about the long post, just wanted to put out there everything I have tested as well.

    Under Setting\Power\Advanced tab I have checked the box for "On Battery Power" to turn off the device after 1 minute of idle.

    Let the phone sit for 5 minutes, and although the backlight has been turned off the screen itself is still on.

    Once I select the "On External Power" check box and set it for 1 minute I can leave the phone sitting, (unplugged, just running on battery) and after 1 minute it will turn the screen all the way off.

    I have tried soft resets, pulling the battery, everything. I can not get the phone to power off the screen after 1 minute of idle time without checking both boxes.

    With just the "On Battery Power" check box the phone does nothing after sitting idle for who knows how long, I let it sit for 10 minutes once.

    With just the "On External Power" setting checked the phone will not power off if sitting idle while on Battery Power, but will if on External Power.

    From my testing it seems that the top check box for "On Battery Power" will only work if the bottom check box for "On External Power" is also checked.

    I just got through testing and when sitting idle, (only on battery), it will turn off after it reaches the limit for the Battery setting, but again only if the External setting is enabled.

    IE: I have both checks enabled and the On Battery setting set for 1 minute. The Ext. Power is set for 30 minutes. When sitting on the desk just running on battery, not plugged in, it will turn off after one minute.

    I know this may seem like something trivial, but it worked on my 700wx, and the reason I want it to work on my 800w is because sometimes I leave the phone plugged into the charger to listen to music, or watch videos on it, long drives using the GPS, etc... and I don't want it to turn off after 30 minutes of me not touching the screen as long as it on the charger. When not on the charger I want to preserve battery life and shut off the screen as soon as possible.

    Any Ideas???

    I tried searching through the registry for all keys referencing power, suspend, etc, tried adjusting the ones I thought might help to no avail. My only other thought is maybe software related, but not sure software could impact a system registry setting such as this...
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    I had this same exact experience. It's a bug. It goes away after several soft resets. No way to tell how many. It just started working again for me eventually. I make sure I have a timeout for both battery and external power just in case the problem returns. I'm thinking this could be one of the major issues with some phones draining much faster than others.
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    Thanks Hannip, actually I think it was related to a piece of software, a Pocket Notepad application I had installed. It did not work quite the way I wanted it, and when I uninstalled it the phone would not shut off when left idle at all. I had to hit the power button to shut of the screen. So, I tried several soft-resets, no avail, looks like another hard reset and restore from backup...
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    Ok, after hard reset and restore from backup the power management is working fine... looks like it was a software issue...

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