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    i just can't get over HOW stinking pathetic the sound quality when using speakerphone. Meanwhile, my stupid MP3's play awesome sounding and loud, the stupid PHONE can't do SPEAKERPHONE during a CALL. jesus.....

    sorry for the rant...
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    This is amazing. The device is new, has problems. Nothing new and very few devices in fact are perfect or just right for everyone.
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    ok, understood...

    but a PHONE that has SPEAKERPHONE issues?
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    After I got a replacement my speakphone is much better. The previous one I had to turn the volume all the way down for it to sound ok. This one I can crank up.
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    yeah mine is horrible when it comes to the phone portion. But when I listen to music it sounds great.
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    My speakerphone sound is fine for phone calls. Louder than my Wizard and 6945. As loud and clear as my wife's Q. We don't have any trouble understanding the callers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dvd View Post
    yeah mine is horrible when it comes to the phone portion. But when I listen to music it sounds great.
    This points to a potential software/registry fix.
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    I think what the OP means its 2008, its a $600 device and really easy stuff works pretty poorly. So I will accept his rant, its valid. No need to jump down his throat. Hopefully Palm can fix all this stuff through a ROM upgrade. Hang in there man.
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    I agree with the software fix... the file was worth a look, but i think the issue is yet to be resolved. plus there are those who say theirs work ok, so we will see. i digress now

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