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    I use it with an Exchange server and outlook email, contacts, calendar and tasks work\sync perfectly. This is the most significant advantage to using WM over Palm and I did like my 700p that I used for long time. Also multitasking is a big advantage, I can be on a website or working on a spreadsheet, get or make a phone call or send a quick email and go right back to whatever I was working on. That was the most annoying part of the palm os for me.
    I now have exchange... it is a dream... should have gotten an exchange account years ago!

    Manual sync is "old school."
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    My objection is that the notes don't retain categories, and that they are just dumped in as though they are documents in the documents folder. I tried to create a "Notes" folder on the 800w and put them all in there but I backed out because I was fearful of what Sync would do. There is no destination folder option in Sync to assure that's where they will remain.

    I really don't like the hundreds of notes messing up my document file system.

    I created a "Notes" folder inside of My Documents on the 800w. Inside of that Notes folder I created several sub folders that mirrored my old catagories. These are syncing perfectly on both my PC's. In Outlook they all show up in the "Unfiled Catagory" with one important difference. Lets say for example I have a note called "Apple Pie Recipe" and it is located on the 800w in My Documents\Notes\Recipes\ In Outlook the name is now "Notes\Recipes\Apple Pie Recipe" This allows you to still sort by name in outlook instead of catagory. I am happy with this work around.
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    How about this? How do I get the changes that I make into my treo be the priority when using activesync? I often make changes that get overridden by outdated dates...etc, in my desktop outlook. Also, how do I get rid of accidentally created new categories on the treo? You can create, but not delete them!
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