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    I have a mogul and am thinking of picking up a treo 800 today. any thoughts..any one think they made a mistake?
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    I had a Mogul for an exceedingly short period of time. I really hated the slider and inability to use it one-handed with any success. The 800W has been a good choice for me and it is the only WM phone I have had (it is #4) that I have taken any time with. As for resets, none from software. Errors - only the 3-4 days when I was heavy in to UL and after removing it, none.
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    I had a Mogul for almost a year and had it tricked out to the best of my ability. I was actually pretty happy with it. The memory limit sucked, but I'd adapted to work around it.

    The 800w is a better device in every way.
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    im thinking about buying it today. Im getting it for $270 from someone. WHat do u guys think?>

    Also how is the screen of the Treo compared to the ppc6800?
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    I had a Mogul for over a year. Only stayed with it that long because I thought the smart guys out there would eventually figure out the tweaks to make it a great phone. While lots of progress was made I still think the mogul was average at best.

    Had the 800 for a week now. Been conservative with what I have added so far, just weather panel, magic button and ultimate launcher (which isn't even running as I haven't gotten a handle on its set-up yet).

    Really happy with the 800. Day to day stuff was my biggest gripe with the mogul and the 800 shines in this dept for me. Calls, contacts access, and reception are way better than the mogul. Screen size is a bit smaller but I haven't missed the bigger screen yet.

    Magic button did remove my battery indicator which I need a workaround.

    And battery life hasn't been an issue with me, though I am sure I use it alot less that some others.
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    ive had the mogul replaced probally like 5 or 6 times. I had the mogul day one. i just got the mogul replaced with a brand new mogul and it seems to be doing much better. anyways..just lowered the seller to sell me the 800w for 250. yea im gonna do it today..why not.
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    You'll miss your Mogul screen. It's like moving from a 4 bedroom house, into a 1 bedroom apartment. I couldn't get all I wanted on my today screen. That's my only regret.
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    Quote Originally Posted by J_Bone View Post
    I had a Mogul for over a year. Only stayed with it
    Magic button did remove my battery indicator which I need a workaround.
    I use VistaHideBattery I just copy the exe to "\windows\startup"
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    The screen is dimmer and a bit washed out compared to the the mogul and the touch. The resolution makes up for it.

    Coming from the mogul:
    -No more memory issues
    -I prefer the camera on the 800w (more natural colors)
    -No waiting for the screen to rotate
    -D-pad is 10x better
    -Audio quality is not as good (muffled)
    -Reception is a little better
    -Speakerphone is a little better
    -Overall feel is much nicer/more solid (especially if you've worn-in the slider on the mogul)
    -I miss the flash
    -No more annoying blinking light
    -Screen is a little less sensitive
    -Palm tweaks make it much more usable as a phone
    -Palm sms app is much faster/more stable than the win mobile threaded app
    -Ringer switch is a plus
    -EVDO Rev A speeds are slightly slower (downstream)
    -Stylus sucks
    -Included accessories suck compared to the mogul
    -Micro usb requires new cables
    -GPS requires service
    -You lose hardware keys for shortcuts but gain the option+key
    -Power off button is easier to press on the front versus the side
    -Battery life is shorter (i usually got 2 days with the mogul, only getting 1 day with the treo),

    In my opinion, it's well worth the upgrade. I paid 367 shipped for mine from eBay.
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    I came from the 6700, which benefitted with extended life from the other HTC releases by customizing the ROMS. Jeff Kirvin's Clean and Simple ROM was the only reason I kept it at first... That made the phone usable, then we got into the WM6 and WM6.1 ROMS and it really started to sing.

    It sucked with memory oh and it was A BRICK, not to mention the extended battery. BUT it did everything I wanted.

    The 800w is far superior on most things but there are some things that I wish I could smack Palm in the back of the head with a lead pipe on:
    - The Sprint Bar, what a waste of real-estate (I do have mine removed but it makes some other things not work so much gooder anymore).
    - The dial pad (which I have fixed but now I can't get VMs, arrrgghh)
    - The L/R softkeys and all the unnecessary pushes for notifications and such, again fixed most of this but at the expense of some other things not working so well.
    - The ringers turn off (low volume)
    - The headset volume keeps resetting to low
    - The damn screen won't shut off...

    Yes I realized this was a Mogul post, but I went in to get a Mogul and the rep said, well first take a look at this (this being the 800w). I stood there for about an hour playing with them and walked out with the 800. This weekend I played with my brother-in-law's VzW 6800 and still glad I went with the 800.

    I haven't missed the extra screen size. I use PocketBreeze and have full screen for each plugin that I want to have a full screen for.

    Big plus for GPS (I had an external BT but lost the charger, now I don't/won't need it 98% of the time)
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    You might wanna also read through this thread. As for me, I'm selling my Treo 800w.
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    I still have my Mogul, but am using my 800w almost exclusively. The memory issues of the Mogul really are a pain, but it is a really solid phone, too. For me, the Treo is just better for my needs.
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    I had the Mogul for awhile. I will get buried of course for saying this. The Mogul does edge out the 800 in a few areas. Yes, the memory does suck. If it had the Tilt memory it would be a great device. The Mogul has a better screen, better unmuffled earpiece quality, the battery is much better (1590mAH), GPS seems to better (stand alone?), stylus, less missed calls, better speaker volume/clearity and a few others. Don't really like sliders. That issue and the memory forced me to upgrade to the 800. Not looking for a Mogul vs 800 war. That wouldn't be fair to the OP. Just my observations and opinion like others have expressed in this thread. If I were the OP I'd wait for the new devices coming.
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    I am coming from the Mogul too. I bought mine from ebay for $255 new. I have yet to switch over. I just got my screen protector today.

    I will be switching over this weekend and I will let you know how I feel about the 800w.
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    alright it...

    first impression..not bad..but a bit dissapointed. i expected/wanted more. i this really that diff than the treo 700wx..what 6.1 and gps and wifi..thats it?

    BUT it is alot faster and easier than the not bad. i think ill be keeping it.

    got someone to buy my one week old mogul (8th one) for $250 its pretty much a even trade for me.
    got magic button, tomtom working. what other software is cool?

    so i guess ill be in this forum for a while now. lol

    but cant wait for the next htc device!
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    i had a mogul for a year and was flashing it constantly to dcd's new roms on xda-developers. It made the phone bareable..and i mean bareable. I am in the medical field so I constantly use medical programs, and they simply were not responsive due to memory issues. When i was running more than 2-3 processes at once, forget it...and also my phone got banged up pretty good as the buttons started to cave-in etc...

    i switched to the treo the day it came out and i have to say it is definitly what i needed. Sometimes I noticed I have over 10 programs running in the background and no memory issues. I typically reset my mogul 5-10x/day. I probably have to reset the treo 1x a week if anything, and the battery life on the treo is better than the mogul, which was pitiful to say the least.

    I was actually going to wait it out for the touch diamond but i had to get the treo because of work and i think its perfect for my uses, and its a lot cheaper than what the diamond will probably cost when it comes out
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    I just turn on my 800w just now. I will activate it on Sprint tomorrow.

    First thing I notice is that the screen real estate is alot smaller and tight now.

    But no more flipping back and forth between the screen.

    I will keep my 800w and now I am back in USA. No more HTC Taiwan. :-)
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    What I liked about the Mogul:

    -Mini Usb Charging
    -Large Screen
    -Battery Life
    -GPS that worked with most apps
    -Phone sound quality (as good if not better than my landlines)
    -Good touchscreen, sensitivity was spot on

    -Slider form factor
    -Keyboard, couldn't type fast on it, and the membrane wears out after a while
    -Dull appearance, it is by far, one of the ugliest phones HTC has ever done

    What I like about the 800w
    -Memory... its nice not to worry about closing apps
    -Form factor
    -Amazing keyboard, I can almost type as fast as on a full keyboard
    -Screen is viewable in direct sunlight
    -Very solid construction (so far...)

    Don't like:
    -Micro-usb WHO IN THE HELL ASKED FOR THIS? Seriously this is the work of a doo-mas, total waste of resources and makes all of us buy new acessories and creates landfill
    -Its kinda fat for a phone in 2008
    -battery size... shame on you palm, you could have fit something bigger considering the size of this thing

    All things considered, I'm really happy with the 800w. Its fantastic for how new it is, i'm sure palm will provide updates that address most issues aside from physical ones like the lame battery size and micro-usb.
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    Mogul is smooth with PDAnet.

    With the 800w no. I have install the update, but I need to reboot each time I disconnect from my Activesync.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chong67 View Post
    Mogul is smooth with PDAnet.

    With the 800w no. I have install the update, but I need to reboot each time I disconnect from my Activesync.
    Why use PDAnet when ICS works?
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