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    I finally got one back I could tear apart, honestly I'm surprised how long it took.... the store I work in is pretty busy and we sell ALLOT of phones, but I finally got one back so here are some pictures of an 800w torn apart. I took them with my personal 800w to test the camera in better than average lighting....the shadows are from people walking behind me.

    We all know what it looks like put together so these are just torn down shots. Enjoy!!

    Back Cover Removed

    Front Cover Removed

    Keyboard Assembly/Aluminum Frame

    LCD Removed/Earpiece Attached

    Motherboard Backside

    Motherboard Front side

    Everything Torn Apart

    The only thing i left out was separating the midplate from the motherboard which I should mention has a few crucial steps to it as well as removing the back cover. Not for the shade tree technician!!! Take care if you attempt to disassemble your device, it is very well built, the best Treo by far hardware wise IMHO. Built like A FREAKIN tank. The keyboard has an aluminum frame and all the ribbons and connectors are tucked away, preventing failures from drops and such. Im excited. Very few returned, very few in for service with issues, mostly ID 10 T errors. I think Palm did very well. Hope you enjoys the shots. Any questions, I'm all ears.

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    Nice pics. Any chance you can get closeups of the microchips that show branding and part number info? I'm particularly interested in the LED controller chip.
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    I can check if i get another in. I did not remove any heat shields or anything but I will look a little closer next time. My main purpose was to see what may become serviceable/replaceable in the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muffnician View Post
    My main purpose was to see what may become serviceable/replaceable in the future.
    Could you replace the earpiece with one from my B&O landline phone?
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    Probably not, it would have to be the same size and shape. Have a link or pic?
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    My main question is how do you remove the rear cover where the camera assembly is without defacing the cover? I'm afraid to just pry the thing off and figure there is a better way.
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    .......... i feel some people are a lil' bit too into these dayum phones

    .......... serious business

    .......... lol

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