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    Every call that I complete changes the audio back to 50% when using a bluetooth headset. Any fixes?
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    800w Voice Command over Bluetooth prompts' volume too low and unaffected by phone volume control. Options

    Treo 800w (Sprint)

    The phone volume controls of the 800w over Bluetooth for me work just fine they just are simply not linked to the voice command volume which is independent and fixed too low.

    My theory now after agonizing over the issue is that the voice dial responses' volume is fixed. It is simply a add in program like solitaire, not really in the phone system itself.

    If it were in the phone system its volume would follow the phones' volume, which would be perfect.

    The voice prompters volume is simply fixed, and fixed too low.

    Without using the voice dial I do not find any volume issues (that aren't easily corrected) with the phone itself.

    I hope one of you registry hackers out there is successful in hacking the program itself by simply raising its volume or creating a volume option in the background menus for the prompter voice itself.

    I bet the fix they end up with will simply raise the independent volume of the voice prompter, not link it directly with the phone volume. Either way I'd be very happy.

    I wish I knew how to hack it. I only have a couple of weeks til returning my 800w is no longer an option.
    Please forward to Palms windows software programmers if you know how.

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    I disabled voice command and still had the BT volume problem. I think it's something in how the phone initializes a bluetooth call, whether iniatiating or receiving.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smartpets View Post
    Every call that I complete changes the audio back to 50% when using a bluetooth headset. Any fixes?
    You are lucky... Mine resets to minimum every time. There is no fix of which I am aware.
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