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    I've always been supportive of Sprint, but this is rediculous.

    I paid for my Treo via CC#, NOT billed to my account.

    Now I have a bill where I'm being charged again for the Treo, and for good measure, they threw in a charge for a SECOND treo. This obviously won't do. I'm on the phone with Sprint CS and they claim I ordered TWO Treos, but they are investigating thoroughly. My next call might be to BBB.

    BTW, my last bill was a regular bill at the regular rate, so it's not like I received a credit for the phone last month and that's why I'm being charged twice.

    Hesse can't improve the customer profile by charging them twice for the same phone. Their customers are not THAT dumb.
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    Same thing happened to me last year when I bought my 755P. Paid by credit card, but they also charged my account. Pain in the **** to get it resolved. Good luck.
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    Check if you have that amount you paid credited to your account.

    I payed my GF's centro with my Card, and it was credited to my account.

    For about a month I was hoping they would not charge me/deduct me for what I had paid, since she had the centro in her hands. But nope, surely they did deduct that cash.

    If they give you crap, just tell them nicely. "Since you say I orderded 2, I only received one, mind you telling me where is the other treo?"
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    You can always dispute the CC charge by following the procedures on your bill. That transfers the process to the bank that issued the card. One of the great protections provided by the credit card laws. Just send them copies of all your paperwork (the packing slip, the duplicate Sprint bill). I'm sure the credit card company will have seen this problem lots of times.

    Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skfny View Post
    Their customers are not THAT dumb.
    Das right, Don't forget to ask for your $15 customer courtesy credit!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ft5117 View Post
    Das right, Don't forget to ask for your $15 customer courtesy credit!
    better yet ask to be connected to the retentions dept because you are not happy and are "thinking" about dropping sprint for a more customer friendly carrier. when you do speak to a retentions rep clearly and consicely explain your situation. dont be combative or argumentative. they will offer you some kind of permanent discount on your services.

    i have had 3 serious issues with sprint and as a result pay nothing for data, text and get nights and weekends @ 7pm for free.

    after losing almost 3/4 of a million customers last quarter i can almost guarantee you will be satisfied after your call to the retentions dept.

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