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    My Treo 750 stops after first boot.

    I am in a circle, because it looks like the on/off button is not working.

    I can not do a hard reset because you have to hold also the on/off button.

    I want update to WM 6 again via sd card. But the boot screen asking press on/off button to confirm.

    Active sync is also not finding the Treo 750.

    Should I change the keyboard or is the mainboard broken or could it be possible to skip the on/off button question somehow?
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    Try taking out the SD card.
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    I could update the Treo 750 by connected direct to the powerplug. The cradle was not giving the right signal for the update to go one. After a while, installing rom from a sd card, it will get a time out and will go one without to push the on/off button.

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