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    I am new (4 weeks) to Windows Mobile. I have been a PalmOS user for 10 years and recently purchased a Treo 800W. The Treo is great. Having used Treos before (270, 650, 700p) I am very familiar with them. The learning curve has not been too steep for Windows Mobiles as I use a Windows PC at home. My question is about syncing. On Hot Sync with Palm you are able to select how you want an app to sync (Desktop override Handheld, Handheld override Desktop or sync). If you choose "sync" and you have an item in let's say calendar on both device and desktop, the hot sync will determine which item was modified last. It uses a electronic date stamp. So if like many folks you make changes to your device during the day, then sync at night all is updated. When I do a sync with Active Sync my desktop calendar overrides Any and All changes I have made on my Treo and puts appointments back the way they were last time I did a sync. None of my changes made on my Treo are on my calendar. I am using Outlook 2003. Notes, contacts, tasks all seem to be fine. Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance
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    Same issue, only with outlook 2007

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