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    So I took a handful of pictures with the camera last week, and I was able to view them back and forth, but now they seem to be gone. They are on my 8GB card because that's how I have it set in the preferences, yet they are not there.

    I did take the battery out one day, but that shouldn't affect pictures on the card. I have NO IDEA where they are, and not only that, it says when I try to take a picture now that there is no room.

    I have save files to: storage card selected

    Now when I take a pic it says...

    Pictures and videos

    There is not enough storage available. Please delete files or save to a different location.

    I find this odd cause I dont have music even installed yet on my SD card. I probably have no more than 2mb used on the card out of 8GB

    So one, why this error
    And two, where did the 6 or 7 pictures disappear too if I never deleted them?

    Any ideas?
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    Nevermind. I had to take out the micro card and pop it back in, and everything showed up. Funny cause other files showed up when it was in there, but after I took it out and put the card back in, it showed 999 for taking pics, and then all the pics showed up.


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