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    I just noticed that all of my incoming SMS messages are off by one hour. I send a message at 6:40pm, a friend who lives in my same timezone returns the message one minute later and it shows 5:41pm.

    Any ideas? It happens with or without network time enabled....
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    I would have to assume that it's the time stamping from the sender. Is you and your friend on the phone provider?

    Have you tried having someone else text you from the same area on the same and/or another provider?
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    Both wife and I just switched to Sprint. The text messages back and forth between my wife and I are off by an hour too. Sometimes not even getting the message.
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    Wife and I both on Sprint, she has the Centro...every so often her text messages to me come in with a time 3 hours in the future...just figured it is another network issue similar to the multiple text messages.

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