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    No one posted about it, so I thought I'd let folks know that I just found that GPSToday has a new version out:

    It is now compatible with the 800w's 320x320 screen so you can now see all the buttons at the bottom which were currently invisble. There are some additional features, like the ability to export your locations to a text file - kind of like a tracking log? Also it gets the current weather from where you are or anywhere on the map. I haven't played with it too much yet, but it looks nice. Was the Geotagging of pictures availble in the last version?
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    Very nice. Thanks!
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    sweet d/l now
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    Thanks for the update post.
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    Wrote up a review/over-view of this program plus screenshots for those curious...

    GPSToday: Killer GPS app for WM

    WMExperts: News, Reviews & Podcasts + Twitter

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