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    I'm curious as to how everyone is calling people with UltimateLaunch. For some reason if I call someone with only UltimateLaunch active it'll work but won't display the ActiveCall plugin, only the soft menus at the bottom change.

    I can't add the ActiveCall plugin to UltimateLaunch as it says it's already active.


    Also, from some reason after I uninstalled Hinavigator I lost my Sprint bar. Would that be related?
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    I have had UL for almost Two weeks and it has caused some strange behavior. it has nade itself a permament plugin on top of my today screen. (see my other post) and it made the sprint service bar go away. now I can bring it back by turning on the plugin dial lookup ( I didn't notice that one. does everyone have that and does it make everyones sprint service bar come and go?) but when I get a call now I don't get the notifications that am on a call and the notification that a call has ended. very strange stuff going on.
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    Very frustrating. We should all have the dial lookup plugin so I enabled mine along side of UL but it didn't fix anything.

    I disabled UL and did a soft reset and I still cannot see the ActiveCall plugin.

    How can anyone with UL put up with this? Looks like I may need to do a hard set. Ugh.
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    Well ActiveCall was enabled correctly in the Registry but it still didn't work. I tried doing a basic restore from Sprite without hard resetting first which almost worked but froze everytime I tried making a call.

    In the end, I did a hard reset and restored from one of my previous backups. All is well now but I'm not so sure I want to risk using UltimateLaunch anymore.

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