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    Any suggestions?

    As many others probably are/were... I'm totally addicted to the functionality.

    Both are the equivalent of post-it notes that you can attach alarms to.

    You KNOW you are addicted if you have a 'note' that says WAKE UP, and you use(d) it for your alarm.

    Diddlebug was on all my Palm OS devices. apMemo was on my Mogul (shhh), and they worked fine.

    apMemo seems to buzz just fine on my 800w, but alarms/reminders/etc. seem to be a bit... off... I don't see an option for alarm sounds, etc. as I remember. Not working enough to rely on.

    I have always attached this to a hard button, and used it on average at least a few times per day.

    So please... someone... ideas?
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    I use BugMe! mobile for my WM devices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xdalaw View Post
    I use BugMe! mobile for my WM devices.
    I would too--except the repeating alarms function doesn't seem to work. Not even in conjunction with Treo Alerts. (or, possibly, TA is what's killing it )

    If I have an alarm, the first alarm goes off just fine. Subsequent repeats (as set up in the program) lie in wait for the first device power-on. When you power it up, you get an alarm.

    I need something that can consistently wake up the phone and alert me with reminders.

    The interface is great--only slightly lacking in thumb-able entry for timing... The default menu for timing is good.

    So--anyone have anything that works?

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