I am a long time Treo 650 user. I am not a power user but I surf, play music, do email and track several data sets. My Treo finally crashed and I just bought the 800w last week. I have used the Nav and several features and I have to admit that I am struggling. The Nav works but drains battery within an hour or two. On top of that, you can't search your own contacts for Nav addresses. Several of the applications don't seem to interact with my contacts or eachother. I have solved several of my own questions but here are two that I can't figure out.

1. On my old Treo I created 'templates' to allow a shortcut command to create an entire document that I was then able to 'fill in the blanks'. This was done through an application called Shortcut5. Is anything like this possible on the 800?

2. On the old Treo I kept some confidential information that was password protected in my memos. These have transfered to Notes on the 800 but I can't figure out a way to password protect them. Is this possible?
thanks for any help.