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    My employer provides my 700w with an unlimited data plan through Verizon. I've never seen the billing statement. With as much detail as they could be providing, is there any way my employer can see what websites I looked at on my Treo by looking at billing statements? Does Verizon keep a record somehow? Not that I go to any illegal websites or anything like that, but I just wonder if they see me checking EBay or whatever else through the day.
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    I have 9 accounts with 700w's and it does not show websites on the bills, or phone numbers dialed or received. It breaks it down by minutes and kb's used.
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    Just to post a 2nd opinion...Verizon definitely doesn't list what sites you go to. Just the kb usage and minutes used.
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    Correct, on the bill you can not see the dirty websites you have visited =)
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