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    Been a UL user for 2 weeks now. BUT yesterday out of the blue the Icon for UL on my today screen go to the top of my Today screen , above the Sprint carrier line. AND I cant move it down anymore. Its blacked out on options. So I reset and restore from a previous backup. Well today it happens again.

    First pic is of the Today screen. You cna see my tabs for UL on the top and th sceond picture is the options spart and you can see UL is listed at the top now AND cant be moved down. Is there a reason this is happening and a way to stop it ??

    First Pic of Today Screen. See the tabs on top and th sprint carrier has dropped to the middle of my screen? (I am using the program to change it from sprint to my initials KPV)

    2nd pic of options to move plugins , you can see UL is blanked out and it cant be moved just like the date.
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    the same thing happened to me when i installed the htc home plugin, but uninstalled it
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    I did not isntall any HTC plugin so thats not it . Strange.
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    Now the Sprint service bar has disaeared. When I shut the phone down and turn it on I dont get the "Welcome " and "Goodbye" splash screen anymore. Actualy it is pretty cool to get rid of the Sprint service bar but I wonder if anything else is going to happen next. The only thing I did both times was unhide the look up field and then hide it.

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