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    In last couple of months, I had hard time with my treo recognizing my 1GB miniSD card. I reformatted the card many times on my laptop with different formats, and sometimes treo recognized it, sometimes not. I thought it was a bad card, so I ordered a new 8GB microSDHC card, which arrived last friday. I put it in, and it worked fine initially, then I formatted the card again in my vista laptop before putting data on it, but since then treo is neither recognizing my 8gb card or 1GB card, even after a hard reset now, leading me to believe there could be something wrong with the treo's card reader itself. Over a year in use, and past the warranty deal, I cant think of ways to confirm my doubt. Does someone have any ideas, or possible solutions to this problem. Is there anyway I could test if its the faulty device or the card.
    Please help.
    Cingular Treo 750||ATT WM6 ROM||AT&T Blue SIM||1GB SanDisk Card||
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    Try using another miniSD card. If your Treo 750 recognizes it then the fault is in your 1st miniSD card. Your miniSD card's boot sector may have been damaged. Try using a disk repair program like Norton Disk Doctor, Tune-Up 2008, etc... to repair it like in a regular hard drive. Reformat it again using FAT32 and lets see it it works. If it still does not work then you may have defective card. Send it back to the manufacturer for replacement if it is still under warranty. I hope this helps.

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