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    Ive been struggling since my mogul to get WM 6.1 devices to sync to both an exchange server and a pc (or just 2 pcs to sync). Ive tried many fixes, like disabling tasks sync, but they were all temporary fixes that didnt work or were unaceptable solutions and not permanent. However, I have finally found something that works. Clear out and restore your outlook .pst files.

    I just deleted all PST files and re-synched [went into "username/apps/local/microsoft/outlook" and deleted all files (after backing up to .pst files, so I didnt lose my data], but if you have stuff that wont be restored via sync, you can follow the full directions below. Works great!


    Via AeronK, joannaex, et al, at XDA forums:

    Fix is confirmed.
    1. Export your personal folders to a new PST.
    2. Go to control panel -> inbox -> data file management, add the new pst, make it default.
    3. Open Outlook once and close it
    4. Go back to the data file management and remove the old pst from the list.
    5. Delete parthnership and resync.

    See the full threda here:
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    Great! Thanks so much.

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