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    I'd imagine Sprint removed the normal WM6.1 "Internet Calling" code to allow for easy, built-in VoIP for the 800w. I'd love to be proved wrong here.

    Any suggestions on a SIP and/or IAX softphone app that works well on the 800w?
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    Have you tried something simple like Skype? It works quite well on the 800w.
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    try that

    also this tutorial...

    I did see the plugin is hidden on the 800w but I have not delved deeper to see if the rest of the files are there as I don't have a voip server to connect to

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    Thanks for the tips. I'll wrestle with it a bit and report back. The goal is to be able to call into the asterisk server so Skye isn't quite the right direction.
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    Well I tried the above links and followed a bit of advice from but still I have not much success.

    I now have an option in "Today" options for internet calling but checking it does nothing on the today screen.

    The config app appears to create the proper files and either of the WM6 VoIP .cab files appear to install the correct files.

    I never get the "Internet" tab I should in Phone settings or any indication on the today screen.

    I have tried all of the phone and WiFi power setting combos - phone only, wifi only, phone and wifi... I have tried toggling the SIP over GSM setting in the config software, also to no avail.

    There is some suggestion in other threads that the ipdialplan.xml file is at fault or possibly the rtcdll.dll file is blocking SIP. Someone smarter than me needs to continue this research.
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    I am working with a client that has the solution you are looking for. The ability to make a true SIP to SIP phone call, on top of the fact if both parties are using the app, you can talk, or text chat with NSA level encryption. No one will EVER hack your call....

    Here was my post from a few days ago. If you are interested in the program, we will be offering specials when the mobile app is ready to current users.



    I am a contract consultant for a software company and we are performing some market research. Your feedback will big greatly appreciated.

    Our client currently has the ONLY product on the market that delivers NSA level encryption on your voice, chat sessions and file transfers. It runs on Windows 2000, XP and Vista. This application will be available shortly for Windows mobile 5/6. This will be the FIRST and ONLY VoIP application which uses United States Department of Defense level encryption on your voice, text and file transfer. Not only does the end user have the ability to custom create your own set of "keys" - you can change your "keys" on the fly if you want! You can also set the time limits on your keys (single session all the way up to unlimited time). Calls from one account to another account are FREE over any WIFI system, as you will be making a true SIP to SIP call. Unlike Skype and other VoIP services, there will be no server in the middle while in a call.

    This app will be more directed towards business as both parties have to have the app in order to talk encrypted.

    To all "high net worth" individuals, banker, lawyers, or anyone that doesn't want their phone calls listened too the question is: As a Treo owner

    1. Do you value DOD level encryption of your voice and chat?
    2. Do you value privacy from insiders, private investigators, organized crime or foreign governments?
    3. What would you be willing to pay for this application? As a capital purchase? As a monthly fee

    For more information on myKryptofon,
    visit -
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    Hi buddies, I want to take advantage of VOIP on my Nokia N95; if I can find a company/software to use that is free I can move to a lower priced contract on my network and save some money. I heard trufone is good but they are only free until November of this year. I have tried but it only works with my orange internet on my phone which isnít free. What is the best Nokia N95 VOIP software I can use to make free calls?

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