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    I just got a 700wx (used, no warranty), got it activated and was working fine. Then yesterday, went to do the update, it stalled out. I think the phone portion was still working (I THINK), but then 3 minutes later, I dropped the phone. Now the phone will not turn on. The unit itself/PDA (windows etc) works without problem. I took it to the Sprint store, and they said it was strange as the command to check the programing would not work. Also said it was probably not the update as they have not seen that issue. When tell the unit to turn phone on, it hangs on the Sprint Screen, then goes back to windows. Signal strenght meter has an X on it as well. I've done a hard reset, but no luck.

    Any suggestions? Maybe taking it apart to see if anything is lose?

    Thanks for any suggestions!
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    how long did u get it? less then 30days add insurace to your phone go to an exchange store nd order another one and b on ur marry way... if no issure ttake it to sprint tell them its keeps restarting nd won't boot up 55 or 35 dollar fee

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