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    I've heard great things about Vehicle Manager. Any other alternatives?
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    The best replacement for the canned database programs such as Teal Auto is a true relational database program such as HanDBase. Then you can build your own custom data base for tracking your auto repairs, fuel, and other data. This gives you much more flexibility and more importantly it gives you portability of your data so you will never find yourself in this position again if you changes OS's.

    If you have a lot of Palm programs, the best program you can buy for your 800w is StyleTap. I have not tested Teal Auto but all my Palm Database programs run great under StyleTap.
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    Bump! Any other thoughts? Does Vehicle Manager have a parking meter app like Teal Auto? That's a really spiffy feature!
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    It does not.
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    There is now a PPC version of TealAuto...
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    Quote Originally Posted by nellswor View Post
    There is now a PPC version of TealAuto...
    Yesh! I have had it for a year now. I'm in the process of getting a Treo Pro.

    What's the best way to transfer TealAuto data from a 80ow to a Treo Pro? As a test, I copied my TealAuto app from main memory to MicroSD card. In theory, if I switch my card to a 800w, will all the info be there?

    Or will I have to do it the old school way and synch?

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