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    Please forgive me for the long winded post

    So for a while I've been using the Palm Treo's. First the 650 and then the 700wx I bought almost a year ago. I really LOVE the Windows Mobile vs. the Palm OS.
    I've been using the sh*t out of my 700wx. And these phones have proven TOUGH as nails after all the times I've dropped them to the ground when climbing a ladder at work!

    Anyway. A month ago we went and upgraded the Wife's phone. I got her the HTC which also runs WM as I've read on here many people seem to like those phones and have switched from the Treo to the HTC's.
    So given the reviews that I have heard on here I figured that would be the phone for her AND with it running WM all the files like the flash video bundle I already have will work on it.

    It is a pretty cool phone and the home screen looks cool. However we didn't get her the one with the slide out keyboard. When you need to use a keyboard, you have to use the onscreen one.
    That really sucks! I think maybe we weill go see if we can go back to Alltel and pay the difference for the one with the slide out keyboard. (I think Alltel gives you 30 days to return a new phone )
    However, the wife must like the phone, because she's always on it, but mostly to play some games. She doesn't do any geeky sh*t or even use the TCPMP or watch youtube on it like I set it up to do.

    So for the first week or so I was ALMOST jealous of it. The screen looked so big too.
    But when you hold them next to each other, the screen is barely 1/2" longer than on the Treo and the same width. It would probably be nice for watching videos in landscape (widescreen) but it's not like it is massively larger.

    One drawback on the HTC is that you HAVE to do everything on the touchscreen and it takes time. While with a few clicks of my thumb on the Treo I can navigate through almost anything! I mean, really. It takes 4 times as long to do anything on the HTC compared to how I can do it on my Treo.

    Also...That makes the Treo setup work really well for me at work. I'm all over the place, climbing ladders, etc (to work on refrigeration) and I also get kinda dirty, sweaty and my Treo is kept in a BodyGlove phone case that has clear plastic over the screen and keyboard. I can TYPE on the keyboard to answer text messages, Navigate to everything, etc all without removing the phone from the BodyGlove case.

    After using the wife's HTC for a while I just can't see it working AT ALL for me while working!
    If I had the HTC liek hers I couldn't answer text messages, because there is no way I could just grab it and type on that rediculous on screen keyboard (and yes I figured out how to make the keys larger).
    The HTC with the slider seems kinda cool but I just can't see it working for me either. I'd have to take that thing out of the pouch, slide open the keyboard to type, navigate etc.

    That phone would probably be toast in a month if put in my hands!!!

    Oh. The SD Card. My SD Card is a full sized SDHC 4 Gig card that pops right out the top. The ONLY drawback was bumping into something and the card ejecting on accident! But the bodyglove's strap goes over that and now it can't shoot out.
    But on the HTC. Holy F*CK! You have to remove tha bettery cover, pry out the side cover, to reveal one of those rediculously small MicroSD cards which is almost too small for my hands to handle!

    Anyway. I guess I'm saying is that even with all the "Eye Candy" the other TOUCH phones have over the Palm, there are some things that the Palm has that will probably keep me with that platform. The phone has got to be something I can just grab with one hand to navigate and text without opening, removing from the case.

    My next upgrade may be to the Treo 800 I suppose. But for now, I'll use this 700wx until it dies. IF that is ever possible. The 650 I had dropped OFF of rooftops and it didn't stop working until I put a pry bar into it's screen. And technically, it still worked. Just couldn't read the screen! I actually use it for a battery charger and it's battery is interchangable with the 700wx
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    Yep, I've had my 700wx for over a year and half. I tell all my friends bout how these Treo's are built like a tank! Very efficient, very durable, and most importantly, they're extremely reliable devices.
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    i've been a treo 700wx owner since it was available in sept 06... it has served me well and since it got a WM6 make over has more pep than the day she first went into service...

    with that being said i am jumping ship (for at least 30 days, hopefully a lot longer) to an HTC touch pro. after reading all the reviews and looking at countless youtube clips showing the euro version i am convinced this may be the phone i have always wished would be built... vga quality screen, decent size 5 line keyboard, windows mobile, large storage capability, etc. etc.

    so yes i say thank you to my 700wx, but its time she retire and i move on to something new
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    It sure is tough, surviving in this iPhone/ HTC/ Nokia/ Slider/ Flip/ Slim/ loving world.

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