i jsut noticed something a little annoying. i woke up and had the voicemail icon, ok. then i hit the left softkey and saw i had not one but 2 missed calls, but theres no missed cal indicator? i know on the htc's the missed call indicator was a phone icon with an exclamation point seperate fro the voicemail icon. so the only way to know if you have missed calls when theres a voicemail is clicking the left softkey to bring up the missed calls/voicemails? that seems kinda odd to not know if u missed more than one call and no indicator.

i usually use spb phonesuite to give counts for missed/sms/email but it seems to be buggy on the 800. the icons are gone just leaving the count numbers, which isnt huge. But it meeses up the call log. if you right soft key and click call log it never pops up. some kinda software conflict im guessing