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    I take a lot of plane flights, and I usually turn off the phone option while being on the plane. The problem is that on my last two flights I've taken while having the 800w when I land and go to turn on my phone, it's already on?!?! I don't really have time during the day when I'm not expecting calls when I can test out my theory. But it would be good ot know if anyone else is seeing the same issues occur.
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    Yup, kept happening to me and I just got mine yesterday. Performed a not-so-soft rest (pulled the battery) and it has been better for the last hour or so.

    Does anybody have any idea how to soft reset the device without pulling the battery? I think there might be an application out there..
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    Can't say I've ever experienced this problem and I've been on 4 flights with my Treo 800w.

    As far as doing a soft reset, I hear there is an application that can do it, but I think otherwise you've got to pull the battery. There are ways to do hard resets without taking the battery out.
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    I have had the same thing. Happened today. I know I shut it off. When I went to turn it on at the end of the flight, it said "good-bye" and I only had 68% battery left. That was at 10am.
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    Just incase anybody was still curious about that soft reset program:

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