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    after a number of calls to CS and data CS i have been told that there is no data charge for MMS (pix and flix).
    i am on the family select plan with three phones 2 regular and 1 treo 700wx. pix and flix is included in the plan and therefore there is no data charge for the mms.
    when you receive a mms the phone will dial #777 and conect to the network to download the mms you then need to click on the arrows icon and diconnect from the network. to stop the phone from automattically connecting to the network just go to settings and then connections then edit the number it is to dial so it cant connect (i just remove one of the 7's)
    you will get a notice that you have a mms and it will attepmpt to connect but wont be able to, when you want just go back in and add the 7 and download you message.
    THERE IS NO DATA CHARGE IF YOU HAVE A PLAN THAT INCLUDES UNLIMITED PIX AND FLIX LIKE THE SELECT PLANS. the system knows the difference between a mms and when you surf the net i have tested this and confirmed that i am not being charged data for the mms, only the surfing that was done.
    hope this helps clear up somethings.
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    Please explain. Will this work if you pay by the picture without the unlimited plan?

    When I get a picture from someone, I get a notification telling me to log into vzw to see it. Are you saying if I dial #777 I'll be able to see my pictures on my Treo?
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    what im saying is that if you have a plan that includes unlimited pix and flix, like the select plans then when you receive a pix or flix message the phone needs to connect to download the message but you are not charged for the data involved with the downloading of the message. there has been a lot of discussion on here in the past that you are charged data charges for mms but the verizon system knows the difference between surfing and mms. so as long as you have a unlimited pix and flix plan you are good to go. i have been doing mms for 2 months now and not been charged for data. your phone will automatically dial #777 to acces the broadband system to download the mms. i have the pay as you go kb plan so you might need to contact verizon cs and sign up for that.

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