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    Just wanted to report that I have had my Treo Alert Phone Vibe set to none for 3 days now and I have gone 3 days without Garbled Calls.
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    Just wanting to reiterate that this is a problem with Palm's bluetooth voice command patch. Anxiously awaiting either a new patch or a ROM update...
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    Quote Originally Posted by darnell View Post
    Is there a way to just remove the patch if not using it?
    The patch is uninstallable, but even if you could it's been confirmed by others that the garbledness happens even without the patch. I'm working on getting my multivibe program to stop the vibration before the audio channel is opened for the call. I might have something ready this weekend. In the meantime you can turn off the repeating vibes when the phone is ringing in Treo Alert vibe settings.
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