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    I figured I would check in with other Audi owners to see how the BT is holding up. My experience with my 700wx has been flawless. No drops, its been very reliable.

    My 800w has not been as reliable. I have had a few bluetooth drops (the call stays on) & I am not sure if it is related to the new Voice Command over BT or that I had my older 700wx still in the system.

    Either way I have done a hard reset & only have a few tweaks installed. No Voice Command over BT Palm patch & I have Jetware installed.

    I didnt really get a chance to test it out & I am not sure if the call needs to be active for a drop out to occur, or if the BT will just drop even if I am on the phone.

    I am hoping its not the Palm patch as we are in trouble for any future patch (no doubt they will add that into the next rom update).

    On a side note will allow you to pick which contacts you want to show up in your phonebook (so it doesnt have to be all of them).

    A few questions:

    1. How is your BT on the 800w in your Audi?
    2. Are you running the Voice Command Patch?
    3. Are you using Jetware?
    4. Do you get BT dropouts?

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    Rich, so far I haven't really noticed any issues with my 800w and my A6. I haven't had any drop calls at all.

    That said, I have no applied any Palm patch. I do have the jetware software installed and purely for the fact that it can filter the contacts that come through, it is worth it

    So, to answer your questions:

    1. So far so good. Same as the 700wx I'd say, apart from having contacts synched and not speed dials.

    2. No

    3. Yes

    4. No
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    My concern about the BT Patch is that in the next rom update, it will be included from the factory. That is a concern to me since I am having issues with the patch & my A4.

    If you get a chance to try the patch, let me know if you have any issues.
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    I've just gone from a 700P to the 800W, so I'm probably not who you're looking to hear from. Once I installed a program called Second Audio Gateway ("SAG") with the bluetooth patch from Palm, my 700P worked flawlessly with my A6.

    The 800W, however, is not working well at all. It fades in and out. I can see the bluetooth icon in the NAV screen and then it disappears randomly. I lose calls frequently. I had thought that my install was not complete, because I had left blank whether the 800 was a "handsfree device." However, I reinstalled completely and it's still intermittent.

    I thought I had read somewhere that the Audi might be waiting for the 700P and that other handsfree devices should be deleted. However, I can't find out how to delete previous hook ups.
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    I have an A4 & I am guessing the way to do this is the same but:

    1. Goto Tel, then setup, then restore defaults (that deletes all phone related data).

    2. The other suggestion I would make is to reset the car (step 1), then do a hard reset installing nothing but your email/contact settings (I use exchange without issue).

    3. Pair the car with the phone and made sure the audi is set as hands free (checked)

    4. Goto start, settings, system, power, uncheck turn off power if not used...

    5. Goto Start, settings, system, backlight, external, then uncheck turn off backlight, leave turn on backlight for the button pressed.

    Next see how it goes.

    I am pretty sure that the issue with the bluetooth with a freshly cleared Audi, freshly hard reset'ed 800w, is due to the power management on the 800w & nothing to do with the audi.

    Since I made these changes, the BT has been rock solid. No drop outs at all.

    I would love for someone who is having problems to test this as well & then we could be 'semi' sure that the issue is the 800w going into a power down mode which is dropping the connection.

    Everytime I install Jetware the install hangs as it "resets the audio gateway" & the fact that the author is MIA isnt so great either.

    Please let me know if those steps help.

    I have since installed loads of software & am not having issues, I would suggest going minimal for a day to see how it makes your BT connection.

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    I just stopped by to let you know that I discovered the telephone/setup/reset default screen on the mmi. You are correct. For the past day, BT has been rock solid. No fade in/out at all. Thanks.
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    I have found that when I rarely drop the BT connection, that it seems to be the same time when my service goes from sprint to a roaming provider. Almost like the radio resets itself.

    Thanks for the feedback. I am pretty happy too!
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    I am finding that my calls are dropping if I talk for more than 5 mins, which I rarely do. Not sure if this is caused by Jetware or just the BT connection to the A6.

    I did email Jetware to ask about support for their software but so far not even 1 reply, and that is well over 1 week ago Seems that this software is no longer actively being worked, which is a real shame. So, when my 30 days are up I'll have to reinstall and go back to the stock 800w BT.

    I can't believe that Palm didn't include some way of filtering which contacts to sync over to the car. Once I go back to the stock 800w I will no longer have access to all my contacts from my Audi as I have too many
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    Please try my suggestion above.

    Or at least, manually change your plugged in power settings to never shut off on power. Try another 5+ minute call (with your phone plugged in).

    I think the power management settings are causing the 800w to go into a power down mode. Even though the phone is in use (but because no buttons are pressed).

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