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    My 8gb microSDHC card just arrived. It was formatted with FAT32 right out of the package. While it worked fine initially when I inserted into my treo 750, it was recognized, and i was able to browse it. Then I formatted it in vista with FAT32, copied my data from older miniSD card, and now when I am inserting it back into the treo, it pops up a message that do you want to format the card, and all data will be lost. I click Yes and after few seconds, it pops up another message that the card was successfully formated. But result is same. I dont see the card under windows file explorer or Resco file explorer. After that if I insert the card back into my laptop, it says card needs to be formatted. So apparently, when treo tries to format the card, it doesnt format it completely and leaves it unreadable on treo as well as my laptop.
    Now it may be possible that since its a microSDHC card, while formatting with vista, I removed certain special kind of formatting and making it unreadable with mobile device.Its just a speculation. I cant come up with what to do. Please help.
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    The boot sector of the SDHC card may have been damaged i.e. removing immediately the card reader from USB connector after reformatting and not following the safe way. You can repair it with any disk repair software (Norton Disk Doctor, Tune-up, etc...). After repair reformat (FAT32) your SDHC using either Windows or within the 750 File Explorer. Use your card normally. If the symptoms still persists then you may have a defective card. Have it replaced immediately by the manufacture as a factory defect. I hope this helps.

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