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    On my 700wx Messaging was for Outlook (& text). I would like to have an app in the start menu for Outlook (I know I have a hard button).

    Any ideas on how to do that?

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    Are you referring to Settings > Personal > Menus? You select the apps you want, so if you tap on the top left hand of the screen, these apps will show up.

    As far as the hard button, that's already set as that little envelope, just below the OK button, which is left of the Red off/END key. You can also reconfigure this by going to Settings > Personal > Buttons.
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    I mean the settings - personal - menu. I dont see Outlook (I just see messaging which is different).

    Am I missing something?

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    You are correct. There is no icon for the mail program that I can see.

    To get one you will have to go to file explorer and click on My Device -> Windows then find Tmail then click and hold copy. Then go to Windows -> Start Menu -> Programs and click menu - edit - paste shortcut. Then rename the Shortcut to Tmail to Outlook. Then it should show up in the list for you as Outlook.
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    Thanks, that worked like a charm!

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