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    Is there a way to get the older style task manager working on the 800w?

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    You mean the task manager that when you press and hold the OK button, it shows you the current tasks (aka apps) running? That's the same on the 800w, unless you remapped the hard key already, which can be found under Settings > Personal > Buttons
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    I do mean the OK button task manager. the old one (700wx) had the numbers in terms of ram. the new one doesn't.
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    Ahhh. Ok, sorry, don't know that one. I never use the task manager. I use Small Menu plus, which allows me to also close any open apps. I remapped the Option OK button to keylight on my 700wx. On the 800w, it is mapped to open Spb Mobile Shell's Now screen.
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    It is in the start - settings - system - memory.

    I was just curious how this stacks up.

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    If you use one of the many button-mapping apps (Ctrl Key Pro is my favorite), you can access this panel very easily.

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