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    When I first installed Jetware 1.31 it asked about loading the hands free extension. I said yes, the unit hung & I did a soft reset.

    My BT on my Audi is/was flawless with my 700wx. The 800 has dropouts every now & again. Does the 800w BT drop out on other people?

    Could the 700wx be superior in that catagory (I am not sure how its possible). I did a hard reset & will try this without installing the BT over the headset patch to see if that helps.

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    My bt goes in and out on my Audi also. I noticed that the bt app did not inlcude what it was acting as. I deleted the connection and reinstalled, making sure that I it now was listing the Audi as a "handsfree" device. It's a little more stable now. I do not have any advanced settings, such as which port connects with the car.

    My 700P worked flawlessly with SAG. Hopefully, future updates will improve the bt functionality.
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    do you have the BT patch palm came out with for the 800w?

    I did, had problems then did a hard reset, didn't install the update & am trying again.
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    I also reset the Telephone on the Audi (tel, settings, default settings) to get rid of any other BT.

    I had a similar issue with the BT being dropped when I had two phone set on it (with the 700wx), once i only had one paired it was solid. We will see though.

    Since I am testing the service on sprint still, I keep thinking the call is dropped but its just the BT. Of course, disabling BT, enabling the speakerphone takes a bit of time then the BT comes back on (drives me a little nuts).

    I also noticed that if I hang up using the 800w (instead of the controls) the Audi thinks Im still on the phone.
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    When installing Jetware 1.31 (latest version) is there anyone that is able to get the software to install properly?

    Meaning, when installing it, there is a message about restarting the audio gateway. If you choose yes, does your 800w have the hourglass (or wm6.1 equvielent) forever?


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