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    I used to be able to block my caller ID from the Menu->Phone->Services

    anyway to do this on the 800w?
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    just dial *67 before the number

    for example if you're calling 213-555-1212 you would dial *672135551212
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    That sucks using contacts but it does work, thanks.
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    You can also call your provider and they will do it for you.
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    That's kinda lame. I'm pretty sure the Centro had an option to hide your caller id with a press of a button.

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    haven't seen it on my wife's centro - my previous blackberry had the option though
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    another cool way is to install Magicall.

    I have my Sprint set up to always block my outgoing caller ID. But, using Magicall I set it up so that when I dial any of my contacts it automatically adds *82 before it dials the number. It works amazing! If I call anyone not in my contact list my caller ID is blocked, but if I add them to my phonebook it unblocks. **I tried to just put *82 infront of every number in my phonebook, but it became a pain because when I tried texting them I had to delete the *82 part. Magicall adds it easily and runs in the background. You can set it up and you will never even notice it.
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    I must say, that is an awsome idea.

    Now I'm thinking of doing that
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    I had thought my Mogul had this option under the Phone settings. Regardless, there is a setting in WM6 itself that can do this. Perhaps Sprint removes it?

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