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    Okay. I'm tending now to think the missed phone calls that some of the 800w users are experiencing is related to the Windows software.

    I was on a call with Sprint Technical Support for some issues with my phone, which one of them happened to be for frequent missed calls.

    They had me do the usual and reboot my phone and the tech made a test call to my phone. Not surprisingly, the tech's phone call came in loud and clear. He had me go to Settings/Personal/Notifications and Alarms and choose the Missed Call notification and check off a box to display missed call on the screen. I didn't think it would resolve the issue, but I amused him.

    However, I went back to clear the miss call notification and noticed I had 2 missed calls and not just 1 from the tech. I listened to the voice messages and found that one call was from the tech and the other was from a coworker. I told the tech that and he said it could have been when I was rebooting the phone, which could have been true.

    So I go about explaining the strange screen issue I would occasionally have. He asked me how long I had the phone. I told him less than 30 days. He put me on hold while he got someone else on the call.

    While I was waiting, I had the phone in my hand and noticed that my wife was calling but the ringer wasn't going off. I see the call coming in on the screen, but the phone was silent. And yes, I didn't touch the screen and the ringer was on the highest setting and it wasn't on vibrate mode.

    Now it could be an intermittent hardware issue. However, knowing the fact that there is a Microsoft acknowledged issue with the phone alarm intermittently not going off, which I have experienced on this phone and several other WindowsCE devices I had before in the past, I'm tending to think that this is another Microsoft issue.

    I'm really hoping I'm wrong. Sprint made arrangements for me to pick up a new phone at any Sprint corporate store. I guess I'll find out soon.

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    I've been noticing wacky incoming call "occurrences" myself. Such as the ringer setting off with a delay (ex, I see the screen turn on and couple seconds later hear the ringer).

    Or when I receive a call, try to pick it up, hangs up and gives me some "missed" call notice. I really don't know what the deal is.
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    My first 800 was replaced because of this. However it did not show any calls. All calls went to VM. It was tested at the Sprint store and the result was a malfunction in the radio. I got a replacement. After waiting at the store and hanging with the Tech he did tell me that this a known problem. This particular store replaced one unit per day in an 8 day span. If you have the Rev. A box checked in the ##EVDO# it tends to speed up the malfuntioning radio issue. Not my words, this is from the Sprint Tech. Don't know why but I never got around to ask him. Just trying to warn people not to check that box. I never messed with mine, just broke on its own.
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    Hmm. Perhaps I should hard reset and just not mess with that EVDO menu again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vann View Post
    Hmm. Perhaps I should hard reset and just not mess with that EVDO menu again.
    hard resetting won't reset the EVDO menu. I BELIEVE the only way to reset it would be an RTN reset which would require the phone's MSL code.

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