This is a newbie/first post, so please forgive me if I am violating any forum rules. I am moving from a BB to an 800w, and facing some problems. IMHO the 800w has some very impressive features, and I am really trying to like the phone. What's making liking this phone hard are some problems which seem so basic that the phone should not have been released without fixing them. Of course, I don't know if these problems are specific to my phone or are a problem with the model, so any help you can provide will be gratefully appreciated.

1. Battery life: After 5 hrs of light to moderate use (BT, no Wifi, about 45 mins of voice calls, 30 mins browsing, 15 mins GPS use) the battery drained to 39%. Is this normal? I read a lot of posts on this forum about how bad the battery life is, but does the battery actually run out with less than 8 hrs use?

2. Phone audio quality: Very muffled. Posts here refer to another forum where folks were messing around with registry key entries, but there were no definitive answers. Is the audio quality muffled on the 800w, or is it just my phone that has this problem?

3. Speakerphone: The sound from the speakerphone is just indecipherable! At a low volume (the lowest level) the audio is muffled. If the turn up the volume any higher the speaker crackles badly and is useless. If I keep the phone on something soft (like a bed), the crackling disappears, however, the audio is still muffled, and the mic doesn't pick up my voice well, so the remote caller can't hear me.

What have your experiences been?