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    Will any 320x320 do? I can't seem to figre out how to load them. Website says to double click the pdb file and perform hotsync, i think thats for palm os lol. Any ideas?
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    PDB is for the Palm OS not Windows Mobile. You need a CAB file for this device. There is only one skin for the 800w in 320X320 . I cantr find the link but I am sure somneone will post it.

    Ok Found it , this is what ya need.

    Here how to install

    1. Use Microsoft ActiveSync to browse the device or card and copy and paste the file to the desired location. Use the following basic instructions for copying files using Microsoft’s ActiveSync. These instructions require that you have ActiveSync installed on Windows XP:

    1. Connect your device to your PC
    2. Open ActiveSync on your PC
    3. Click Explore
    4. Double click “My Windows Mobile-Based Device”
    5. Double click "Application Data" then "Pocket Tunes", or “Storage Card”
    6. Drag and drop SKN files here.
    7. Once the “Copy & Convert” dialog has finished you can close the explore window. You’re DONE!

    2. Use a card reader to copy the file onto a memory card that will be inserted into your device. To transfer an audio file to your memory card using a card reader, follow these steps:

    1. Insert your flash memory card into your card reader.
    2. Use Windows Explorer to copy SKN files to the memory card.
    3. Insert your flash memory card into your device.

    Next, run Pocket Tunes. Open the menu by pressing the right soft key or by tapping the title bar on the main player screen. Select "Choose Skin..." from the Tools menu.

    A list of available skins will be displayed.
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    Here yah go:

    Unfortunately that's the only 320x320 Windows Mobile skin at the moment. Just download the file and place it in your documents (don't think it matters where you put it) and open up pocket tunes and select it from skin preferences.
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    I'm also pretty sure the updated version (4.1.1) automatically installs the 320 skin now (plus it fixes some bugs).

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    Thanks for pointing out the new version, Mal. I hadn't seen that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    I'm also pretty sure the updated version (4.1.1) automatically installs the 320 skin now (plus it fixes some bugs).
    I downloaded the latest version hoping it would fix the bass boost/equalizer issue I've been having. It doesn't work at all for me and I finally found out why reading the manual.

    "Additionally the Equalizer and Bass Boost will not work for copy-protected tracks from online music services."

    Advantage PocketMusic. I hope they fix this in PocketTunes eventually.
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    cool thx guys worked great with new version. nice little proggy, worth it just for the inet radio. much better than using TCPMP!!
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    Does anyone know any other sites or forum where we can download some other skins for the treo 800w. I know they give you an option to make your own skin so just wondering if anyone has made their own.
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    can someone plz make a razr skin for wm pt!


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