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    Because I'm a simpleton, I've notice the benefits of using the key guard in terms of it turning off the screen lighting quickly if I accidently touch a button. As some of the folks in here have pointed out, the keyguard not only disable the backlighting immediately, but it also turn the screen off at the same time (look, a built in battery saver).

    The keyguard is very simple to turn off. Simply press the center Dpad key. However, I would like to see a fix that enables the keyguard once the screen turns off. Like most cheap phones, there is an option to turn on the key guard. Once the screen goes inactive, the keyguard is auto turned back on (until you de-select that option).

    If I want to use the key guard again, I have to hold the option + Red key to re-enable it. In other words, key guard should stay enabled until I press option + Red key again. The center key should just allow me to use the phone for that session. Once the screen goes inactive, it should automatically go back to key guard...Am I missing something? If not...

    Any chance of this hack or fix ever coming to fruition?

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    I'm not sure if I understand correctly, but you can set Keyguard to go on automatically when power is turned off. So once you turn off the phone, the keyguard is on. This is under Settings > Personal > Keyguard
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    Again...I'm not to smart...thanks a ton! That was exactly the fix I was looking for.


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